Executive Order Emphasizes Skills over Degrees for Federal Jobs

President Donald Trump signed an executive order June 26 that directs the federal government to take the emphasis off whether a job candidate has a college degree and instead assess an applicant’s job skills. Some large employers in the private sector have already adopted this point of view. Under the presidential order, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management is to revise

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Ask a Recruiter: How Can I Job Search During Coronavirus?

Photo courtesy of Victoria Heath InHerSight asked Dana Hundley and Jenna Richardson, cofounders of Career Cooperative, to weigh in on pressing questions about the way coronavirus is affecting job seekers and companies. These are their answers, in their own words. Are you a recruiter with job advice to share? Email our managing editor Beth Castle at [email protected] for consideration. What’s your

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Graduating In A Pandemic: Advice For The Anxious Post-College Job Search

Searching for work right out of college is always hard. Now try doing that in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and an economic meltdown. Many students have lost income: jobs on campus or around town. They’ve lost internships, which help them build resumes. Now they are entering the workforce at a time when22 million are filing for unemployment. We

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10 Ways Remote Workers Can Improve Communication Skills

WITH SOCIAL DISTANCING guidelines in order, companies throughout the country have been forced to implement work from home policies so businesses can continue running while ensuring the safety and health of their workers during the coronavirus outbreak. However, with only 1 in 3 employees having worked remotely prior to this unexpected shift, as reported by the 2020 State of Humanity at Work

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